Friday, 7 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial

hello there lovelies !
as St. Patrick's Day aka Paddy's Day is just around the corner, I thought it's a great opportunity to show you what I came up with. Paddy's Day is all about fun, celebrating being Irish, wearing something green and in general just having fun. I posted this picture on my facebook page as well as instagram, and I promised to do a tutorial on it. Let's get crackin's, shall we ?

finished look

step by step:

1. Apply eyeshadow base onto your lid, as it prevents the eyeshadow from creasing. I also did my brows, as I usually do and applied some concealer to define my brows.

2. Sweep soft brown, slightly shimmery eyeshadow above the crease. This will be the transition shade and it will help with blending the eyeshadows later on.

3. On a flat brush, apply lime-green eyeshadow to the entire lid, softly blending in out to towards transition colour.

4. On a soft, blending brush, apply deep, matte green colour to the crease of an eye, blending upwards. Also, apply it to the outer corner of an eye to create more smokey effect.

5. Re-apply the same eyeshadow to intensify the colour.

6. Next, apply the same green eyeshadow to the outer corner of a lower lid. To the inner corner, apply the same colour that you used on the lid. 

7. Finish it off with winged eyeliner, and few coats of mascara. 
you can also add some false lashes. 

what are your plans for St. Patrick's Day ? 

hope you liked it 

Aggie x

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