Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to: fuller, red lips

hello there lovelies !
long time no see, huh ? well, today I've got for you talk-through post on how to make your lips look fuller, bigger and juicy without botox :D 
here's before and after shot:

what you gonna need to achieve this effect:
              • any red lipstick
              • deeper red lipliner 
              • coral lipstick
              • concealer
              • lip brush

talk through:
1. start with clean lips

2. apply some concealer as a base to your lips

3. with a lip brush, you gonna outline your desired lip shape, you can make your lips bigger or even smaller, if you think your lips are too big 

4. once you have your shape, colour in the entire lips with the red lipstick, leaving the centre blank

5. to the blank spot, apply coral lipstick, blending in the edges to the red lipstick.

6. then apply a dot of concealer to the centre of the lip and then blend it in by rubbing lips together

7. next, take your lip liner and go around your lips to create even more 'ombre effect' 

8. blot your lips with some tissue to achieve matte look, or leave it like that if you like it. 
and you're done !

hope you liked it 

Aggie x

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