Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mid-week Creativity Fun !

hello there lovelies !

how are you all keeping ? At the moment, I am a bit sick, but antibiotics are working and I am feeling much better. This is also my second last week in college before this loooong (6 weeks!) Christmas break and I've few exams coming up, so I am studying a bit, just to have some idea how to answer the questions on the day. haha, but it's not all about study - sometimes you need to take a small break and do something fun, and when I say fun - I mean makeup-fun ! 

so earlier today, while sitting down at my desk I've decided to experiment a bit with some creative makeup (again) because amazing people such as Karla Powell inspire me to do stuff like this. If you don't know Karla, she's an amazing makeup artist, who's known for her incredible makeup art work. Check out her instagram for some inspiration, and be in awe how creative this Lady is ! 

anyway, as I mentioned, I've had some fun with purples today - oh God, I love purples soooo much ! and this is what I created. 

flawless face, contoured using purple eyeshadow on the cheeks and a lighter one along the nose. 
purple smokey eye, and cream eyelashes. 
Also, bright fake-looking eyebrows using eyeshadows. 

Ombre lips using plum lip pencil and highlighted in the middle using sparkly, shimmery baby pink/purple. 
 and here's the photo that I took with concealer-whitened eyebrows 

what do you think about it ?
do you like creative makeup ?

love you 
Aggie x

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