Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Copper and Brown makeup ! for all eye colours

hello there lovelies !

so, as you know I have brown eyes, and I usually do makeup that would suit my eye colour, and people ask me very often if I could do something that would suit green and blue eyes. So today, I did coppery and brown makeup, which suits all eye colours, including brown, blue and green eyes. 

this is the finished look:

now follow these steps to recreate it:

1. Start off with an eyeshadow base, which helps eyeshadow last longer and it prevents the eyeshadow from creasing. 

2. Use slightly shimmery eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone, and inner corner of an eye. I used the powder highlighter from Sleek Contour Kit. 

3. Sweep soft, warm, brown eyeshadow above your crease, this will act as a transition colour and it will help to blend out the darker colour later. 

4. Now use dark brown matte eyeshadow to define your crease. This will deepen the eye, and also it will make the eye look more smokey. 

5. Then, apply coppery/orangy shimmery colour to the entire lid. 

6. Next, draw a thin line along the lashes, and slightly wing it out. 

7. Mix the two brown, matte eyeshadow that you used before, and apply them to the lower lid with a fluffy brush. 

8. Use waterproof eyeliner to line your waterline, and then use a bit of black eyeshadow to smoke it out.

9. Apply as many coats of your favourite mascara as you want to the top and bottom lashes, and you're done :D

hope you like it !

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