Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Favourites !

hello there lovelies ! 
how you doing guys ? I am doing just fine, though the weather is horrible and I've looooads of notes to go through for college on monday. Anyway, today I want to show you my favourite makeup products that I have been using over the past month, which was October. I can't believe it's over and now we're in this miserable month of November. The past month was amazing for many different reasons: it was my 20th birthday, there was different nights out and of course halloween :D So let's get into it straight away:

so here are my thoughts of these products:

: as I mentioned before in my posts I struggle with really oily and acne-prone skin, therefore I am always on a hunt for products that will help me to fight these unwanted oils, and this time I got myself something that really works. I got this Urban Decay spray as the woman on the counter said that she also has a oily skin and it really works. I got myself a travel-size bottle which was only 12 euro, and I was really enthusiastic about this product and it really works ! I spray my whole face with it once I've done my makeup and it keeps it in place really well, it mattifies my skin and it feels very light on the skin. It also does not have any scent to it, so for me it was perfect. I totally recommend it and I will definitely re-purchase this amazing product ! 

This is not the first time when I bought this product, however I didn't have it for few months because I lost it, and now it was a right time to but it again. It's a warm-toned, matte contour powder and a powder highlighter which I use to contour my cheekbones, sides of my nose and around my hairline and temples. Sleek makeup is affordable brand, which has very pigmented products so the pay-off is amazing ! only 7,99 euro on their website. Totally recommend it. 

3. NYC Liquid Eyeliner 

wow, I don't even know where to start with this one ! I bought it because I have seen one of my favourite youtubers (Chrisspy) using it so it was a time for me to get it ! It's really cheap, the brush is amazing and it applies super easy. Perfect for creating cat-eye looks. Go and buy it if you haen't already !

I popped into boots to get a neutral lipstick for everyday look and this one cought my eye ! These lip butters from Revlon are so creamy, so moisturing and omg, they smell amazing :D I couldn't decide which one to get, but I ended up buying this lovely, peachy - orange color which smells delicious and the name is so summery ! I think I got it for 8,20 euro as it was on sale, but the usual selling price is 11,20 ! totally recommend these and definitely will be buying some more colours !

I bought this nail varnish spontaneously, but I was looking for a pastel/baby pink nail polish in ages, and I decided to buy this one as one of my friend recommended it to me :D It glides on really well, dries quickly, colour is adorable and again it's affordable (only 4,55 euro) 

I am going to cheat a little bit, because i bought it in August, but I wore this nail varnish throughout the month of October. Barry M makes amazing nail polishes, as they have gelly-like consistency therefore they are easy to apply, they don't chip and they have an amazing range of different colours and effects. I got this black one with gold glitter, because I thought it will look great on a night out as well as on everyday, especially in this horrible rainy weather. I can't remember the price, but I believe it was about 6 euro. 

so these are my October favourites. What products have you been using over the past month ?

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Aggie x

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