Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fun Orange and Pink Makeup (using pigment)

hello there lovelies !
haven't been here in a while, so I thought it was a right time to post something !
so basicly, I went to Poland in September, and I bought some nice essence pigments, and the first thing that I had to do once I get back to Ireland, was to try them out ! they're affordable and very pigmented. Also the colour range is amazing. I believe they're only 3 euro. 
here's the quick, easy and fun makeup tutorial using orange pigment and bright, neon pink matte eyeshadow !

onto the tutorial:

1. Apply eyeshadow to an entire lid. Then softly define your crease using bright, pink, matte colour, blending it slightly towards the browbone. 

2. Intensify the pink by re-applying the same colour, and this time put it into an outside corner of an eye, forving 'V-shape' 

3. Apply the orange pigment to the eyelid, going all the way into inner corner of an eye. 

4. Softly blend out the pigment using a clean fluffy brush, to make sure that there's no harsh lines and that it's all blended nicely 

5. Mix the pink shadow and an orange pigment together, and place it on the lower lid with a soft brush.

6. Apply some black eyeliner of your choice to the top lid, slightly winging it out, as it lifts the eye. Add some mascara to the top and lower lashes, and that's it. you're done 

hope you liked it ;)



  1. a moze tak cos bez kreseczki? :)

    1. następny tutorial będzie właśnie bez kreski ! ;)