Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Subtle Green Smokey Eye Tutorial

hello there lovelies !

Today I've prepared for you simple, subtle shimmery green smokey eye :D
here's the finished look

1. First of all, prime your eyes with a chosen eyeshadow base

2. Apply bright, shimmery green/lime eyeshadow all over the lid

3.  Softly blend the green colour out using soft brown eyeshadow.

4. To deepen the eye, add some dark brown, softly going up the brow bone

5. To make it even more smokey, add a bit of black eyeshadow into the crease but do not go all the way in. 

6. Mix the soft brown and a dark brown together and apply it to the lower lid. 

7. Curl your lashes, apply gel liner close to your lashes, to make them look fuller, and slightly wing it out to give it more cat eye look

and here's the closed eye:

hope you like it :)

Aggie x

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