Sunday, 22 September 2013

Halloween Tutorial: Bloody Mary

hello there lovelies !
I know it's early, but today I've got for you super easy, but effective (in my opinion) halloween tutorial :D
this will take you 20 minutes max and it's good for those with no idea for a halloween costume :D
so here is the finished look :D

and now onto the step-by-step tutorial:

1. start off with the eyes, because you're going to be using dark eyeshadow so it will get kind of messy :D

2. apply red cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow base to your lid, but if you don't have it, don't worry :D I've used deep red lipstick 

3. set the cream eyeshadow/lipstick with a burgundy red eyeshadow, so that it's more vibrant and it stays in place.

4. define your crease with a warm brown eyeshadow, going all the way in, slightly blending into the brow bone 

5. define the crease even more with a mixture of dark brown and black eyeshadows, this will add more depth to the eyes, and also will darken them up, which is what you want 

6. apply the same dark brown and black eyeshadow into the lower lid to make it more dramatic

7. once your eyes are done, apply foundation of your choice, set it with a light powder to make your skin look pale 

8. use dark bronzer and a bit of red eyeshadow to contour your face

9. and now it's the fun time: use fake blood of your choice (you can buy it in a costume shop cheaply and it will last you forever) and using a cotton bud apply it to the lower lid and let it flow down.

10. tease your hair a bit and put some red eye conctacts to make it even more dramatic :D (i just coloured in my eyes in Paint haha)

hope you like it :) 

Aggie x


  1. That's a nice halloween makeup idea, the bloody Mary and that's a great that you shared your tutorial, made the makeup simple. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Halloween
    Halloween makeup ideas