Tuesday, 27 August 2013

so it begins..

Hello there lovelies !
I really have no idea how to start this blog so I'm just going to keep writing and then see howit goes :D
first things first.. let me tell you more about myself
my name is Agnieszka, but people call me Aggie. I am a student though my real passion is makeup. I think it all started few years ago when I first started to wear makeup at the age of 14 (it is bad, I know) and my makeup consisted of foundation (loads of it actually), black eyeliner and a lipgloss. Looking back now, I must admit that I looked awful and ohhh guuurl, this foundation was definitely not my colour, but we all been there.
I think I started being more insterested in makeup about 2 years ago, when one night while being extremely bored, I decided to do some kind of ''a night out makeup'' and then it turned out to look OK. I was happy with how it turned out, so I snaped a photo of it and posted it onto my facebook profile. I got FEW likes and comments, and then it hit me: I am going to perfect this makeup. I started to get more into youtube tutorials, starting with basics such as smokey eye, winged eyeliner and perfect red lips. I spent hours watching makeup tutorials on youtube, thinking to myself that I wish I could do such a beautiful makeup. So in this blog, I am going to show you some of my makeup ideas, reviews but also some useful tips.
hope you guys going to like it and seeee youuu soooon ;)

Aggie x

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