Wednesday, 28 August 2013

burgundy and a bit of gold makeup tutorial

hello there lovelies !
today I have got some old tutorials of mine, but Autumn is coming soon, so I've decided to show you my version of fall makeup. Whenever I think of Autumn, I think of warm colours such as reds, browns, goldens and deep purples, so here is what you can recreate at home by following these 8 simple steps. 

1. start of with some eyeshadow base to even out the skin tone and to make sure that the eyeshadow stays in place and that it won't crease. 

2. apply deep burgundy shadow into the crease, by going 2/3 the way in. 

3. gently blend out the colour so that, there's no harsh lines.

4. re-apply the same colour into the crease, blending at the same time.

5. apply darker burgundy/purple colour into the outer corner of an eye, so that it adds more definition into the eyes and makes it more smokey. 

6. gently blend it into the previous colour. 

7. apply light golden colour to the inner corner as well as to the middle of the eyelid, and then blend it in with the burgundy colour, so that again, there's no harsh lines. 

8. mix the burgundy and deeper burgundy/purple eyeshadow together, and apply it to the lower lid all the way in. Then apply some liquid eyeliner to the top and slightly wing it out so it's more smokey. 

then once all of it is done, apply mascara to the top and the bottom lashes and it's done :)

what do YOU think about it ? let me know in the comments below :)

Aggie x

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